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Message from the general manager
Hello everyone!
Entering Bayi means joining the team of Bayi and joining this big family.
Baiyi is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development, production and sales of LED fire emergency lighting, LED high-efficiency driving power supply and LED lighting fixtures. Our short-term goal is to become the top three domestically in our professional market segments, and then be able to surpass international companies in quality and technology, and revitalize our national manufacturing industry.
We believe that qualified Bai Yiren meets two points: responsibility and growth!
We do not require every Bai Yiren to have superior IQ and top technology, but he must have a sense of responsibility, he must be able to learn and grow! A sense of responsibility will do things solidly, put things into practice, and growth means I will continue to learn. The company will also take the training of employees on the job as an important thing. We believe that the unqualified Bai Yiren can’t tolerate the most: dishonest, harm to the company’s interests and lack of team awareness.
We believe that the following points should be the consensus of all Bai Yiren:
1. Strive to be a problem solver instead of a bystander, be a positive thinking person instead of a complainer all day long, be a people who have the ability to manage themselves rather than those who cannot control themselves.
2. Colleagues between departments use empathy, care for each other, understand each other, and work hard for the goal, but don’t be a good person. Establish an efficient Baiyi culture in the process of integrating different cultures.
3.Keep walking out of your comfort zone, and people's learning curve will speed up! Always think about the sense of responsibility to the company.
4. Managers must go deep into the front line, become instructors and problem solvers for front-line employees, and improve their own capabilities It is very important to have systematic thinking, horizontal and vertical thinking,"leading the team" is the most important, the more the front line, the more frequent the communication. Going deep into the essence is not floating on the surface.
5. Reward and punish everyone in the company. Tolerance to the backward is cruel to the forward personnel. Don't be a person who is injuring the team.
6. Results-oriented, process management. Management must be improved from qualitative to quantitative, digitalization is the core, everyone must have a digital concept
7. Establish wolf culture, hard work, organic sense of hunger, teamwork, keenness, stay hungry, stay foolish. Everyone is vying to be a wolf and be the fastest follower! Success is the result of normal work, repeating the right things while maintaining the passion for work and study. Believe in the power of time, believe in the power of persistence, and regard work as the best practice. I hope that every Bai Yiren will cherish every day in the company, cherish this fate, self-growth, and at the same time create more value for the company.
Thank you all!


General Manager: Henry
June 1, 2017


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