Baiyi Lighting (Shanghai) Holdings Limited

Baiyi Lighting(Shanghai)Holdings Limited was established in 2008, specializing in the research, development and production of Emergency Light , Rechargeable Emergency light, Emergency exit light, Solar Emergency light, Camping light, Cabinet light, and other emergency related products.


We are located in Shanghai, covering an area of 22,585 square meters. We are now having more than 800 employees, and our independent Research and Development team with 70 engineers always focus on design. We have rich theoretical knowledge, practical experience, professional design and product manufacturing capabilities, and can meet the requirements of various customers. Our factory is equipped with 5 SMT production lines, 5 wave soldering machines, and 13 assembly production lines that can produce millions of emergency lightings every month.

Corporate culture

· Our vision: To become a global high-quality LED lighting supplier.

· Our mission: The sustainable development of the city needs the support of lasting and stable quality. By developing the LED lighting business, Baiyi reduces environmental pollution with high-quality products, meets the needs of customers in material and cultural life, and achieves the benefit of society.

about us
about us

Our core values

· Our core values: people-oriented, rigorous, honest, environmental protection

Respect and care for employees, and provide staff dormitories, staff canteens, and fitness equipment up to three-star hotel standards.

Pay attention to product quality, treat product production and inspection with a rigorous attitude, strictly control, and improve product qualification rate through sampling inspection.

Paying attention to integrity to customers, fulfilling our promises, and satisfying customer needs with stable and reliable quality are our best commitments to customers.

Through business development, we will do our best to contribute to the environmental protection of the society and improve the natural environment and people's health.


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